Na'amat Canada Toronto

Na’amat, a Hebrew acronym of Nashim Ovdot Umitnadvot (Movement of Working Women and Volunteers), was established in 1921 by visionaries committed to social justice, cooperation and equality, Na’amat today exists in 14 countries. Na’amat Canada’s mission is to enhance the status of women, children and families in Israel and in Canada. As part of the world-wide progressive Jewish women’s organization, in partnership with Na’amat Israel, we believe every person is entitled to self-respect and equal opportunities within a just society. 

Na’amat is Israel’s largest source of child care, providing early childhood education to over 18,000 young children.  In addition, 1,400 hard to reach teens receive a second chance in life, and women and children victims of violence receive help and refuge.  Na’amat Canada members are instrumental in fundraising and in planning local educational, cultural, social and community events.  This is just the beginning of the myriad of social services Na’amat is responsible for in Israeli and Canadian society today.